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20. Air Box

Fitting the Air Box is straightforward except for the seal fits between the box and the bonnet. The issue is that the air intake is shaped like the cross section of wing - with one gradual (large) radius and a second sharp (small) radius which has to be fitted with a trim. The trim is wide and contains a metal strip which helps it to hold it's shape, but causes the fitment slot to close up when bent through the sharp radius. Secondly, the Air Box itself is made from thin moulded plastic parts that are glued together. The air intake is made from two components glued together, creating two thick mould lines that the trim has to fit over. Great care is required because the force required to fit the trim, even over the straight parts of the air intake, is high - and the plastic is barely strong enough to withstand this force.

To fit the trim, it was first loosely fitted to the air intake circumference, measured and cut with a hacksaw. The metal clasp within the trim was then opened slightly with a taped up screwdriver and the fitting was started with the straight section. At the sharp radius I found that it was impossible to get the trim to fit that tight curve, where there is also a join line in the plastic. I elected to use snips to cut out a small section of the metal clasp to create a small opening for the join line in the plastic.

The rest of the fitting was helped greatly by positioning the Air Box on the corner of my work bench such that the bench supported the bottom edge of the air intake tube. This allowed more downward force to be applied to the trim without threatening the Air Box structure. Unfortunately this wasn't captured on the video. I decided to add a couple of drops o superglue to the start and end points of the trim to secure it to the Air Box. I don't want this to be pulled off when the bonnet is removed.

The assembly was then an easy fit to the chassis in keeping with the manual. Three bobbins screw into the chassis and locate the lower half of the Air Box. The filter drops in and the Air Box lid can then be located and screwed into position with the supplied fixings.

Air Box fitted

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