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23. Throttle Cable

The throttle cable runs from the top of the accelerator pedal, through and out of the pedal box, loops around the front of the engine and down the left hand side of the car to terminate at the throttle body on the end of the plenum.

The current design includes a cylindrical bung that must be push-fitted into the forward face of the pedal box. This was a tight fit, required some silicon lubricant and a little persuasion, but once in place allowed the nipple on the end of the cable to be slotted into the top of the accelerator pedal.

Once the cable was looped around the end of the engine, it was then necessary to fit the inner cable nipple into the lever which controls the butterfly valve in the plenum. This required sufficient cable to be pulled through to allow the nipple to be passed into the cylindrical hole on the right hand side; the cable is then pulled forward to allow it move through the horizontal slot such that the nipple is now located in the middle of the lever, and finally the cable is pulled up through the vertical slot into position. See the photograph sequence below:

It was then a simple case of arranging the cable nuts either side of the retaining bracket to secure the cable sleeve.

I have read other builder's experience of needing to bend the accelerator pedal - I assume to get the pedal into the right position for heel and toe gear changes. This will be something to remember towards the end of the build.

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