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30. Roll Bar

Before going any further with the rear suspension, the Roll Bar needed to be installed. The main bolts that support the Roll Bar would be inaccessible once the Dampers were installed. So, the factory installed bolts for the Dampers were removed from the chassis. The Roll Bar was offered up to the installation point and it became apparent that tolerance issues were going to play a part. The left hand support and the two rear supports slotted into position immediately, and bolts were dry fitted. A visual inspection of the right hand support, however showed that the threaded hole in the Roll Bar was misaligned with the chassis hole.

This was addressed by lifting the three attachment points out of position and manoeuvring the Roll Bar so that the misaligned right hand hole then came into position. A bolt was then dry fitted from underneath the chassis into the Roll Bar.

Once loosely attached, the rear support bars of the Roll Bar were manipulated into position - which took a little force. On getting them into place the left hand Roll Bar support dropped into position as well. All bolts were dry fitted and then removed to add CopperSlip, refitted and torqued to specification.

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