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36. Radiator

Fitting the Radiator at this stage was not the intended plan. There were two issues that caused this : (1) The bottom hose would not fit the radiator - it was clearly designed for a radiator that had the coolant inlet right at the bottom, whereas mine was about a third of the way up; and (2) when fitting the fan, I over torqued one of the bolts and pulled it through the captive housing. This was really easy to do!

The problems

Discussing the hose issue with Caterham, they told me that the Radiator design had changed, but the hose design had not. Therefore the standard procedure is now to cut the end off the supplied hose, and attach a small right-angle hose using an aluminium connector. It's not clear to me why the hose design has not kept up with the Radiator design and to rectify it this way felt like a bodge - however, Caterham tell me that this has been the production standard for a long time now.

They kindly supplied me with a new captive bolt that I gingerly fitted under the Radiator bracket and then refitted the fan.

The rest of the Radiator fitting was straight forward, requiring only a pair of brackets to be fitted to the Radiator by means of four rubber bobbins, and then the brackets fitted to the chassis.

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