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38. Lambda Sensor

A task that was left over from the installation of the Collector was to connect the Lambda Sensor to the main loom. The key task is to fix the sensor cable in a satisfactory way so that it doesn't cause and issues at IVA or with long-term reliability.

The loom connector was fond on a chassis rail on the right hand side, but not where I was initially expecting it based on photographs on other blogs. It was on a cross-rail and within a few inches of the right hand side skin. Rather than running the cable across the base of the driver's footwell, I chose to run it along the lower right hand chassis rail.

To hold the cable in position I looked for an alternative to the self-adhesive tie-wrap base. Perhaps it's over-engineering, but I would worry about the long-term stability of that method in a location exposed to the elements. I found a very small cable base, less than the width of the chassis rail, that can be riveted into position.

Tie-wrap base to be permanently fixed to the chassis

Three tie-wrap bases seemed to be sufficient to do the job - 3mm holes drilled and bases foxed.

Drill points marked, drilled and tie-wrap bases mounted

Once the sensor was plugged into the loom, the connector housing was tie-wrapped to the cross-rail.

Lambda Sensor cable installed

UPDATE from post-PBC - the above routing is not recommended because it's too close tot eh primaries and is likely to suffer heat damage. The preferred routing is to take it immediately in-board along the foil coated chassis member shown on the right of the picture above. Please see here.

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