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41. Handbrake Cable

The Handbrake lever was previously fitted and the cables routed around the LSD. Now that the brakes had been bled, the Handbrake Cable could be fitted to the Rear Callipers. (If the Handbrake had been fitted and activated before the brakes had been bled, the auto-adjusters would not have worked and the Brake Pistons would have to be reset using a Calliper Wind Back tool).

The adjustment thumbwheel on the right hand side brake cable was wound back a long way (10cm roughly) so that there was plenty of slack in the inner cable. The cable was then routed from the LSD in a circular pattern over the top of the Drive Shaft, round to the rear of the car, and then under the Drive Shaft so that the cable lug then presents to the Calliper. The lug is than easily fitted over the Handbrake Lever on the Calliper body. The key point, however, is to fix the cable so that it is will clear of the Drive Shaft despite circling around it. To ensure this is done, the cable is now supplied with a protective rubber sleeve that can be slid into position and tie-wrapped to the A-Frame in a location to force the cable clear of the Drive Shaft. A further tie-wrap was added to hold the cable close to the LSD which helps to lift it clear above the Drive Shaft.

Routing of Handbrake Cable around Drive Shaft and secured to A-Frame

Once fitted, the Handbrake Cable was adjusted, using the thumbwheel, until the cable was tight when the Handbrake was in the lowered position. Lifting the Handbrake then locked the hubs from moving - and lowering it allowed movement.

The Hub Nuts were then torqued up to the required 270Nm and the wheels were fitted.

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