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Delays ... and 420R Specification

The estimated delivery date has been and gone, and the news from Caterham is very vague. Whilst I can sympathise with James (my contact at Caterham Cars) there seems to be very little visibility on the status of my order. The kit is in production and the chassis is in the queue for the paint-shop but beyond that he has no information on whether the necessary parts are available to make up the kit. Supply of components is erratic and unpredictable which I suppose is a consequence of the pandemic and, in particular, the Chinese government's zero tolerance approach. So the wait continues. What I'm hoping to build is:




Intend to track and tour so was looking for the performance whilst being able to kit build

SV Chassis

Lowered Floor

To accommodate my height

Arancio Argos

The pearlescent orange is my favourite colour and I saw one in the showroom which I thought looked stunning

13" Apollo Silver Alloys

(6" Front, 8" Rear)

Wanted the most traction possible at the rear

Battery Master Cut-Off

Security and a sensible precaution on track days

Front ventilated discs

The most stopping power possible please!


For those Summer evenings after the sun has dipped below the horizon

Carpeted interior

For touring comfort and noise dampening

High Intensity LED lights

More visibility for seeing and being seen

Leather Seats

Might have made a mistake here but ordered them for comfort. I now realise that I could have had a couple more inches of room with the Tillet seats and probably just as much comfort.

Steering Wheel

Quick release Momo, but a non-standard 260mm version to provide a little more room for my knees

Signature 620 Dashboard

The aeronautic look of the 620 dash with its switch protection bars is wonderful

Track Day Roll Bar

Compliance with track regulations

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