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45. Front Wings Preparation

Two tasks to prepare the Front Wings before they are fitted to the Wing Stays are to (1) modify the Wings to fit the Repeater lights and (2) fit the IVA trim.

The side Repeaters are LED lights requiring three holes - two for the mounting bolts and a third for the electrical connections. There are three holes on the Wings delivered by Caterham, but they require modification. The middle hole needs to be enlarged to 12mm to accept the boss around the wires - I also found that the bolt holes required some adjustment because they didn't line up with the bolts on the Repeater.

The area was masked up and a 10mm drill (largest I had) was used to enlarge the middle hole. A Dremel was then use to further enlarge the hole to 12mm. It was then possible to see that the front bolt hole was about 1mm out of alignment, so it was lengthened with a needle file.

Alignment of holes, enlarging with drill and needle file

Once the Repeater fitted snuggly, the IVA trim was dry fitted all the way around the edge of the Wing. The end of the trim was cut with an overlap of 2mm just ensure a tight compression joint. Once in position, the IVA trim was held in place by masking tape which allowed the inside surface of the IVA trim to be Superglued in position.

Compression joint - supergluing rear of IVA trim

Finished Front Wing ready for bonding

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