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47. Knee and Side & Tunnel Panels

The design of the Knee Panels have recently changed and are reported to be much easier to fit than previous designs. The left hand Knee Panel requires no IVA trim since it fits with the Fuse Box and no longer requires a rubber bung. The front edge of both Knee Panels fit under the dashboard edge and the holed edge slides behind the rubber trim and side panel. The challenge is to line up the drilled holes in the panels with the rivet holes pre-drilled in the side panels.

The new designed Knee Panels

In his build blog, Chris Collins shares his excellent tip for achieving the alignment very easily. He suggests adding masking tape to the Knee Panel above the fold line (so it is visible when fitting) and marking on it the position of the holes. As the Knee Panel is then manoeuvred into poison it's then very easy to align the holes in the Knee Panel with those in the Side Panel.

Panel fixing holes marked with masking tape, used to align with the panel holes

Rivets were added to the remaining holes in the Side Panels and fixed. The cover for the Transmission Tunnel was laid in position, rivets added and fixed.

Transmission tunnel covered and riveted

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