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48. Boot Carpets

At first site the number and variety of shapes of carpets supplied was bewildering. However, as soon as you realise that all the triangles are for the rear of the bulkhead, it falls into place. I laid the pieces out in the rough positions in which they are fitted in the boot:

Boot carpet pieces laid out in position

The 5 pieces for the rear of the bulkhead (top row in the photograph above) were fitted first. A single layer of adhesive was used applied to the rear of the carpet pieces.

There are fixings that hold the Rear Wings in place which can either pass through the rearmost side carpet pieces or sit under them. I want to replace the stainless fixings with black nylon ones in the future so I punched holes in the carpet and passed the bolts through the carpet - this also has the advantage of holding the carpet firmly in position. The rear right hand side piece also needs to wrap around the fuel filler pipe, so the carpet needs to be cut from the bottom edge up to the hole so that it can be fitted around the pipe.

Rear Wing fixings passing through the rearmost side carpet

The two front facing side pieces were then dry fitted and I realised that while they have to fit a complex three-dimensional shape, the bottom edge is held in position by the honeycomb boot shelf. This means that only the rear most facing edge of the carpet piece need be fixed which was done with double sided tape.

Double sided tape on edge of forward facing side carpet and the end result (bottom edge held by boot floor)

The boot floor carpet is an easy fit except for one point. The Fuel Filler Covers designed to be perfect fit without the carpet in place. When the carpet is in position the cover sits too high on the top edge. The choice is either to trim the top edge of the cover, or trim the carpet to go around the cover. I chose the latter so that the carpet will also hide the cover flange and fixing screws. A cardboard template was made and the carpet trimmed accordingly. A surprising amount of carpet had to be removed but the end result was a snug fit.

Cardboard template for the Fuel Filler cut out

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