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49. Washer Bottle

Having fitted the carpet around the Fuel Filler Cover, it was then possible to fit the Washer Bottle. There are a couple of options - either to secure the Washer Bottle to the Fuel Filler Cover or to secure it to the Side Skin. Whilst boot space is at a premium I found the ability to access the filler cap a little less easy when the Washer Bottle was against the side skin.

Two holes were drilled in the side of the Fuel Filler Cover to allow the washer pipe and the electrical connections to pass through. The plumbing was adjusted to get the one-way valve inside the Fuel Filler Cover and the cable was fitted with heatshrink to give the cable some added protection.

The Fuel Cover was then drilled to allow the Washer Bottle Bracket to be fixed in position.

Washer bottle fitted

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