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50. Interior Carpets & Tunnel Cover

Carpeting the Transmission Tunnel and rear bulkhead was very straight forward. The carpet pieces fitted perfectly and were easy to put in position. To ensure a strong bond, it was necessary to coat both the chassis and the carpet surface in adhesive. This required the chassis areas to be masked off, even though I discovered it is quite easy to be very accurate with the spray adhesive.

Tunnel area masked before adhesive coating - carpet fitted

Fitting the Transmission Tunnel Cover requires the tension to be taken off the handbrake so that it can be raised as high as possible. This allows the handbrake to slide through the tunnel cover - a bit of a nuisance since I had previously spent some time getting the handbrake correctly tensioned! Two self-tapping screws are fitted through the rear sides of the cover - the holes were located and marked with a bradawl before fitting the cover into position.

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