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55. Fuse Box

With the electrical test successfully completed the Fuse Box could be fitted. The Fuse Box has a long flange which slides under the dashboard lip and is largely for holding inn position. There is a gap on the front edge of this flange which allows for the boss that is on the back of the dashboard (and accommodates the steering column on left hand drive cars). A dry fit of the Fuse Box showed that it is a very tight fit and not easy to get into the position (or to remove once it is in position).

Before the final fit, IVA trim is fitted to the front and trailing edges of the Fuse Box and the 12V socket is push fitted into the available hole. Connectors from the loom plug into the rear of the 12V socket (one connector is a redundant supply for a light which is not used). The manual recommends the use of velcro pads between the front of the Fuse Box and the Bulkhead, but I found this was not possible to fit and not really necessary because the Fuse Box fit under the dashboard was so tight. I will review this once I've had some experience on the road and if the Fuse Box is rattling.

12V Connector ; IVA trim; Fuse Box ready for fitting

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