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56. Mirrors

Two Wing Mirrors and one Rear View Mirror to fit. The Wing Mirrors are supplied as standard OEM units with their own mounting arm. This must be removed from the mirror housing so that a mounting arm supplied be Caterham can be used to attach the mirror to the windscreen stanchion.

The supplied mirror unit has a single bolt passing through the mounting arm into the mirror unit. If this is removed, the internal fixings are lost within the mirror unit. The only way to manage this is remove the mirror glass from the unit - this is held in position by glue between the reverse of the mirror glass and four mounting points in the corners of the unit.

The only way to get access to the inside of the unit is to lever the mirror glass off the unit. This needs to be done using the broadest, flattest lever that can fit between the edge of the unit and the glass. Because the glass is attached in the four corners, the lever needs to be applied as close to one of the corners as possible.

Levering the mirror glass off the mirror unit with a broad flat blade; fixing the Caterham mirror arm from the inside

Once open, the Caterham mounting arm is then easily attached to the rear of the mirror unit and the mirror glass can be replaced. To mount the Caterham arm onto the car, the middle bolt in the windscreen stanchion is removed (and saved - see below) and replaced with a screw-in brass stud. A fibre washer is slipped over the stud to protect the stanchion and the mirror arm is then held onto the stub by a grab screw in the side of the arm.

This mounting method is required by the IVA test, but has a poor reputation amongst Caterham drivers for being subject to a lot of vibration and therefore not providing a good view. The Eccles mounting arrangement is a mounting method named after the original designer, which provides a mount on the door. In the likelihood of using this method in the future, the saved screw from the windscreen stanchion will be replaced once the mounting point has been moved.

The Rear View mirror is mounted to the windscreen using the supplied self-adhesive pad.

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