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59. IVA Trim

I went through the IVA manual supplied by Caterham and used the supplied bag of cap covers, grommets and trim to fulfil the requirements. The front suspension required plastic covers on front upper wishbone bolt and on the main Wingstay nut. Covers were also applied to the bolts between the Silencer and the Chassis. Although the IVA manual called for bolt covers to go into the footwells, I could see only three bolt heads on the roof of the passenger footwell and nowhere else.

A heavy duty IVA trim is supplied and needs to be fitted to the Scuttle edge above the the dashboard. Personally I don't understand requirements like this - the edge of the Scuttle is not sharp and I can't see that the trim would be particularly helpful in an accident. Over and above that, it looks awful in my opinion! Nevertheless it was applied to the Scuttle edge, front and back edges of the Catalyctic converter Heat Shield and the top edge of the Exhaust bracket.

IVA kit, Scuttle and Heat shield with IVA trim fitted

The more flexible IVA trim also needs to be fitted on the underside of a carbon fibre dashboard. Again, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me - there is nothing sharp along that edge.

The IVA pack also contained a large number of plastic bolt covers of various sizes and the IVA guide gives good guidance on where these should be fitted. Some required a small dab of silicone sealant to be held in position - and I also seemed to have quite a number of covers left over with nowhere to fit them.

One thing that I had read about, but is not mentioned in the manual, is the possibility of an IVA fail as a result of sharp tie-wrap edges which can be created when cutting off the unwanted length. In my experience, when reaching into a tight space in the engine bay it is certainly possible to get plenty of nicks and scratches from badly cut tie-wraps! I went around as many of the tie-wraps as I could manage to try to file off the sharp edges.

Tie-wrap damage!

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