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61. Nosecone & Bonnet

Not difficult to fit, but necessary to check for clearance above the engine components. The nosecone was fitted first and it was straight forward to visually check the clearance between it and the expansion bottle and radiator.

To check the bonnet clearance, I used the method recommended by Chris Collins. A clever method of creating a ruffle of aluminium foil laid on top of the Coil Cover before fitting the bonnet. Once fitted and removed the resulting size of the foil gives a measure of clearance.

Aluminium foil crush test - before and after bonnet fit.

The only issue that I found was that the air vent in the bonnet did not line up well with the Air Box. I loosened off the nuts holding the base of the Air Box and made use of the slack to bias the Air Box into a better position.

Initial Air Box and Bonnet vent alignment

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