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Delivery Day

In temperatures below -5˚C the Caterham truck and trailer arrived. Quite a surprise to see Ivor, the driver, jump out of the cab wearing shorts! Over the next 20 minutes or so, he tried magnificently to reverse the trailer up the driveway towards my garage, but the ice covered road had other ideas.

First glimpse of Tigger.

The unload process took less than an hour with all items securely boxed up except for the chassis and engine. It was good to see that Caterham had labelled all the boxes with a general description of the contents (e.g. Uprights, Cooling, Fluids etc). This should make things much easier to locate through the build.

The garage soon filled up as the boxes were unloaded and stacked. There was an envelope amongst it all containing a shortages list (only one item) and a pick list of all the components - although this was not completed. However, I've subsequently learned that Caterham now photograph all items as they are pulled from stores and packed.

Let the fun begin

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