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12. Drilling

There are two brackets that require fitting in the chassis - for the Oil Catch bottle and for the Expansion Tank. I wanted to get this done before too many other components started to crowd the space in the engine bay. Both brackets require holes to be drilled into chassis rails so that rivets can be used. I was very nervous about this given the risks of snapping a drill bit in the chassis or perhaps the drill bit skidding around.

The Expansion Tank bracket sits between two of the cruciform rails in the chassis. Masking tape on the rails helps not only to allow marking the holes, but also to stabilise the drill as it starts. It seemed impossible to align the plate so that each of the four holes sit exactly in the centre of the respective tubes. Therefore I had to find the best compromise position - but this means drilling the holes at a slight angle.

Slow and steady wins the day! The bracket was riveted in place and I moved onto the Oil Tank bracket. The bracket is mounted onto the top left hand rail between the cruciform rails. Two holes are required - one from drilling out an existing rivet and a fresh hole. The position of the holes means that, unless you have a right-angled drill, you have to position your drill flat on the cruciform and at a slight angle to the chassis rail. Again - easy to snap a drill bit in this position.

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