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14. Plumbing - preparation

There was quite a bewildering array of hoses that came with the kit and some of them require cutting and modification. Being nervous of cutting one of the hoses in the wrong place, or using a hose in the incorrect location, I spent a good amount of time trying to decode the build manual and compare the instructions with what I had been sent.

Hoses - as received

The two "J" shaped hoses were confusing. According to the manual, one is used to connect the rear of the cylinder head to the temperature sensor submarine. However, when I offered either of the two hoses to the cylinder head connector pipe, both were far too large a diameter to properly seal - even once a jubilee clip was in place. Looking carefully at both "J" hoses, it became clear that the inside diameter steps down very within a few centimetres of the hose (on the left hand side in the photo above). Checking the manual again, it became clear that this part of the hose needs to be cut off and discarded. The diameter of the rest of the hose is correct for the fittings in the engine.

Once that was established, a process of elimination allowed me identify the hoses in the above photo (starting from the top and working down) for the following uses:

1. Cylinder head to radiator (top right hose with many bends).

2. Heater connection top (straight hose).

3. Heat connection bottom (straight hose).

4. Unknown! (Large diameter elbow hose).

5. Submarine to heater (short "L" hose).

6. Engine block to submarine (short "J" hose).

7. T-piece to Heater (long straight hose).

8. Expansion tank to T-piece (long "J" hose).

9. Engine block to oil tank and oil tank to catch tank (long "L" hose - also lined grey)

10. Engine block to radiator (long hose with several bends at bottom of photo).

There are still two anomalies which I will have to discuss with Caterham : There should be a length of 5/16" hose to connect the cylinder head to the expansion tank which is not present in my kit; secondly, I am not clear at the moment what the purpose of item 4 is (short, large diameter elbow piece).

The final part of the preparation was to look at the placement of the submarine. I fitted the temperature sender with a splash of Loctite and screwed it home. However, it does not sit fully on the shoulder - one of the tips in the manual is to not over-tighten, so I left it there.

Temperature sender fitted to submarine

Once the sender was fitted I placed the submarine in the engine bay such that the electrical connections (ground and spade terminals) from the wiring loom could be attached. This will then allow the "J" piece to be cut to the correct length and ensure the submarine ends up in the right location.

Submarine in approximate position with electrical connections made

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