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The final step - getting the car registered with the DVLA and a registration number allocated to Tigger, requires the submission of a fair amount of documentation:

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of address

  • Certificate of New (provided by Caterham)

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • IVA test certificate

  • Invoices for parts used in the build (supplied by Caterham)

  • DVLA form v55 (application for first vehicle registration)

  • DVLA form v627 (built up vehicle report)

  • Self-addressed stamped envelope

  • Payment for registration process and road tax.

The above is all required to be submitted in hardcopy form (posted to DVLA) and they set expectations of a 4 week turn around to respond with the V5C logbook (registration) document - which finally makes the car road legal.

In the event, mine took 6 weeks and required multiple phone calls to find out (after 4 weeks) that the application had been routed to the incorrect department.


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