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Research on the Build Process

As mentioned in the Pre-Build section, I spent a good amount of time trying to research the experiences of other Caterham builders to try to find those "nuggets" of information that would at least help, if not avert a disaster! I've compiled these tips and tricks into a series of tables that are each aligned to one of the build steps in the current Caterham Duratec Manual (v2.1) and then merged the two together to create a new build manual.


Each tip is referenced with a source so that the reader may revert to the original author and to ensure that person takes credit.

Please note that the build sequence suggested in my build manual is different from that suggested in the Caterham manual. This sequence is again based on the previous experience of others and attempts put things into a more logical order (e.g. fitting the Primaries before the Dry Sump Oil Tank). Perhaps the biggest change is to fit the engine into the chassis first. Personally I don't understand why the front suspension would be fitted before the engine because the wishbones become obstacles  that you have to avoid when trying to manoeuvre the engine into what is apparently a very tight space.


The resulting file is available below as a download for anyone that might be interested. I will attempt to maintain version control on the document to highlight when content has been added or changed. Would appreciate any feedback if you do download and use the file.

To download the current version of
Tigger's Build Manual, click on the box below:

Appreciate any feedback:

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