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22. Steering Column

The Steering Column is split into two parts, upper and lower, both of which are fitted through the opening in the cockpit. The lower was slid through the dashboard opening and only a slight amount of pressure was required to get the end through the lower bush and heading down between the Primaries and up to the universal joint fitted to the steering rack. The only point to note here is, before tightening everything up, it is worth aligning the front uprights in a "straight" position, then fitting the lower Steering Column into the universal joint with the flat (at the top of the Steering Column) facing upwards. Additionally, the Steering Rack can be rotated at this point to ensure the column does not foul on the Primaries.

I have a removable steering wheel and plan to get Caterham to manage the IVA process which will involve swapping it for a fixed steering wheel. having consulted with Caterham they advised to fit the upper bush in the dashboard. This required a good covering of the rubber bush with silicone lubricant, and then a good push to get the two protruding lobes into the corresponding holes within the dashboard.

Now the upper Steering Column can be fitted through the dashboard after an application of some silicone grease at the position of the two bushes. The top of the lower Steering Column does not clear the Scuttle and therefore the upper Steering Column needs to be slid through the upper bush in the dashboard, the lower bush and then over the lower steering column. This can be achieved by applying sideways and downward pressure on the steering wheel mount to manipulate it into position.

Once it has been slid over the end of the lower Steering Column, the Steering Clamp can be fitted with the supplied components (chamfered edges of the clamp facing the Steering Column).

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