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28. Dry Sump Guard

Where the Bell Housing contacts the underside of the Engine and Dry Sump, there is a gap which exposes the Fly Wheel. Caterham supply a triangular (ion cross-section) machined plastic component that is held in position by two horizontal caphead shoulder bolts and a couple of vertical screws at the narrow end. Apart from sealing the opening in the Bell Housing, this must also serve as a skid plate or guard for the Dry Sump.

Dry Sump Guard and components

When fitting was attempted, the right hand shoulder bolt would simply not pass through the Bell Housing. It looked like the shoulder bolt was jamming on the bolt hole in the Bell Housing.

Shoulder bolt fouling on Bell Housing

As a result of this issue, this component was not fitted in the planned build sequence. Initially fitment had been attempted before engine installation and when it was suspended by the engine hoist (the easiest time to fit it). I had to contact Caterham and proceed with the rest of the build while waiting for the reply.

Caterham advised that this was a common issue for Dry Sump specification cars, but no modification was necessary. Instead they sent two standard M8 caphead bolts with split rings and washers. Once these were used, installation of the guard was straightforward.

Dry fitting the standard caphead (left) and finished installation (right)

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