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54. Rear Lights

The new Rear Light units are attached to the Rear Wings using a plastic moulded block which ensure the lights are positioned horizontally. They are also supplied with a flat robber grommet, which sits between the light unit and the wing, and are pre-wired with connector that plugs into a counterpart mounted on the side skin.

The light units have two bolt studs moulded in the rear, but these are not long enough to pass through the Wing. A long Allen head stud passes through a washer, a small angle block and through the Wing to connect with the bolt studs and can be tightened up to secure the Rear Light.

UPDATE after PBC - be aware that the integrated fog lamps are offset to one side within the cluster and therefore the right and left sides need to be in opposite orientation from each other to ensure that both the Fog Lights are on the inboard side . Please see here.

Rear light unit on block ; Allen stud connecting to blot ; connector stack

Once in position, the connector can be plugged in and tightened, but then the cable also needs to be secured to prevent any risk of chaffing on the wheel. This was done with the addition of a P-Clip to the closest bolt head between the Wing and the Side Skin.

The Number Plate light is a nicely designed unit that includes the Reversing Light. It is a simple two blot connection through the Rear Skin and an econoseal connector to complete the electrical circuit. The surplus cable was tie-wrapped out of the way onto the rear chassis rail.

Integrated Reversing and Number Plate light

Once all the Rear Lights were fitted and connected, a full electrical test was performed. Ignition on, immobiliser deactivated, all switches were tested:

  1. Font day time running lights

  2. Headlamps - dipped

  3. Headlamps - full beam

  4. Indicators, fron, back, repeaters, left & right

  5. Hazzard lights

  6. Brake lights

  7. Rear fog lights

  8. Number plate light

  9. Reversing light

  10. Wipers (not fitted but motor operation verified) half speed, full speed

  11. Washer bottle pump

  12. Heater, half speed, full speed

  13. Horn.

The only issue I found was the left headlamp was no longer working (previously tested okay) which was quickly traced to the econoseal connector not being fully pushed together.

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Hi Jeremy - thanks for the comment and yes, the holes are predrilled in the wings. The holes are quite large because they have to accomodate the whole econoseal connector but it all went together pretty well. Note the PBC update I put on the page regarding the orientation of the light cluster though!



Hi Alastair...great blog thanks...and you're the first one I've found where you've received a newest kit with he new LED rear lights/revised knee panels etc, like mine. My kit arrived a few weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to start it yet being out of the country at the moment. Just on the fitting of the rear lights...are the holes for the lights now pre-drilled with the new kits? The older kits seem to expect you to drill the holes and I wondered if it's changed...I have a real fear of drilling holes in bodywork! Thanks, Jeremy.

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