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58. First Outing

Forward motion!

The car was left on the driveway turning over at idle speed while I monitored the gauges and the engine bay. It was ticking over at slightly less than 1,000 rpm which seemed about right, but would only run without a blip of the throttle when the temperature was above 60 degrees. I let the temperature climb and checked the cooling fan cut in at 100 degrees. The oil pressure held steady around 3 bar and no leaks could be seen under the engine bay.

Once Tigger was returned to the garage and had cooled, a small amount of coolant was found to be leaking out of the lower radiator hose and the joint above the steering rack. I was surprised to feel how much softer the hose was with a bit of heat inside and used this as an opportunity to go round all the water and oil hoses to nip them up.

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