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11. Front Brakes

The front brakes are served by pipes fitted within the chassis. A fitting is required to connect the internal fixed pipes to the external flexible pipes fitted between the chassis and the callipers. It's a simple process to fit the components either side of the chassis skin - but care is required not to damage the skin when tightening.

Brake Hose components

Once fitted to the chassis, the metal braised hose will find it's own natural twist as it's offered to the callipers. There is a choice of two adapters to fit onto the end of the hose - the grey one is used on the four piston callipers. A small copper washer is used on the end of the adapter which sits nicely around a machined lip. However, when screwing the adapter into the callipers, I found that it's very easy to allow the copper washer to drop down and over the edge of the adapter. Care is required to make sure the washer has a flush fit.

Fitted brake hose

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