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13. Heater

Before starting the engine plumbing, I wanted to install the heater. This was relatively straightforward with the fan unit and radiator being placed in the engine bay just behind the scuttle. The vent unit is placed on the other side of the scuttle with fixings passing through the bulkhead and fixed onto the heater unit.

Heater unit in engine bay

The two visible copper pipes are the water intake and outlet from the cooling system. Water passing through the unit goes through a heat exchanger through which air is blown into the cockpit. The gold coloured fitting on the left in the image is the control valve - a simple wire line that runs to a pull knob fitted into the scuttle.

The only point that doesn't quite right for me is the fit of the air vents in the cockpit. The vent unit is rotated through 180˚ which results in two parts of the moulded plastic hanging down into the footwell space. I double checked this was correctly installed, but it doesn't look good to my mind.

Heater vents - note moulded area hanging down into footwell

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