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7. Steering Rack

The steering rack comes as a sub-assembly and held in position by a couple of clamps. The rack is put in place by feeding one end of it through the chassis opening until it is sufficiently far through to allow the other end to come into the chassis interior and then be fed out of the opposing hole. Once in position, the clamps can be loosely fixed - only loosely because the angle will need to be adjusted when the steering column is introduced.

The two IVA covers arrived with white writing on the outside (removed with a rub of WD40) and needing the smaller end trimming off. I took the bare minimum off possible to achieve a tight fit on the track rod.

The ball joints are then screwed on to either end of the track rods. Although Caterham recommend 12 turns on the thread, and the tracking will be setup correctly later, I was surprised how close this left the ball joints to the brake discs and opted for 13 turns.

The universal joint was then loosely added to the rear of the rack.

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